Security Information

Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc. has established policies and procedures concerning the collection, use and security of your information that will help protect your privacy. Our Information Privacy Policies are designed to help us serve our customers while maintaining strict privacy and security standards. The information for the accounts you have with Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc. is kept secure and confidential through multiple security features and procedures.

The information you request from our website for your accounts can only be accessed with your user ID and password.   It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential.

Information you submit through our website, as well as the information we send back to you while you are visiting our website, is protected while passing through the Internet using strong encryption ("scrambling" to make it incomprehensible) when necessary. Our secure server software encrypts information, ensuring that Internet communications through our website stay private and protected.

Whom do I call if information seems to be incorrect?
If you have a specific question about your account, you can find our toll-free numbers under "Contact Us". 

Are all my active policies displayed?
If the information is stored on our customer data base, we are able to display your active policies.  There are some policies which  are not stored on our data base and therefore will not display on your account information.  Please contact us if you have specific questions about policies which do not display in your account. 

What if my contract or policy is not active?
Only active inforce contracts and policies will be displayed in My Account.  

How do I know if my session is encrypted?
Depending on the browser you are using, you will see an icon on the screen indicating that you are in a secure environment. With Netscape Navigator® you will see an unbroken key in the lower left corner of the browser. Netscape® Communicator will also display a closed padlock in the navigation toolbar. Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ will display a closed padlock on the lower right corner.

What if I don't want my accounts available over the Internet?
Please use the opt out form and we will disable your information from being accessible

How do I reset my password?
When you access your account information, there will be a link to Change Passwords. Just follow the simple steps. 

How secure is resetting my password?
The resetting of your password is performed in a secure environment. To make sure that your account is not compromised, we ask that you enter specific information required when your original enrollment was processed. 

How do I know someone else has not attempted to change my password?
As a security measure, a confirmation notice will be emailed to the address you provided when you originally set up your account.  We will also mail a notification to the address we have on file for you whenever a password is reset online.

What if I forget my password?
Please call 800-821-7303 ext 108 to have your password reset.  Our employees will never ask for your password.